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 Total 17 Found 
Name Website
Boston-Gardner Museum - USA
Can Prunera Museum Modernista-Soller-Mallorca - Spain
Dortmund-LWL Industriemuseum Zeche Zollern - Germany
Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen - D-45657 - Germany
Moscow Kreml - Russia - Kremlin
Museum de Lakenhal - NL-2312 Leiden - Netherlands
Museum Deutschland - Museen in Germany
Museum Folkwang - Germany
Museum für Gestaltung - CH-8005 Zürich - Switzerland
Museum für Kommunikation Berlin - Germany
Museum of Modern Art - New York - N.Y. 110019 - USA
New York-Guggenheim Museum -USA
Paris-Louvre Museum - F-75058 Paris -France
St. Petersburg-Hermitage Museum - Russia
Van Gogh Museum - NL10221 Amsterdam - Netherlands
Venice-Palazzo Grimani Museum - italy
Venice-Visit Museums Venedig - Italy